Advocacy Aids

Photo by Kathie MeierPhoto by Kathie Meier
Here are the health forms and templates described in Speaking for Spot that will help you excel as your dog's medical advocate. I invite you to download, print, and use them to help manage your dog's health care needs. If you prefer forms that will allow you to fill in the blanks via your keyboard, click on the versions towards the bottom of the page.

Emergency Contact Information Pertaining to Your Dog Have ready access to this completed form so as to avoid spending time tracking down telephone numbers while you and your dog are in the midst of an emergency. Be sure to provide a copy to anyone who cares for your dog in your absence.
Current Health Issues If your dog has any medical problems, it's helpful to maintain a written list so none will be overlooked or forgotten.
Health History Form This provides an easy way to keep track of your dog's vaccinations, test results, prior medical problems and surgical procedures, and adverse reactions to vaccinations or medication.
Current Medications A list of all your dog's current medication will be useful for your veterinarian and anyone else who provides care for your dog. It will also help you more readily notice any prescription errors.
Contingency Plan: In Case of Emergency Use this form when your dog is in someone else's care and you will be unreachable to help make medical decisions should the need arise.
Veterinary Office Visit This form will help you keep track of the purpose of your visit as well as important questions to ask your veterinarian.
Medication and Treatment Schedule This template provides you with an easy way to stay on top of your dog's medication and treatment schedule. In fact, it is similar to the form used in my veterinary hospital. See the "sample" form below. It demonstrates how this form can be used.
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