How it All Began

The book cover
My book-writing journey was jumpstarted by a breast cancer scare of my very own. Three months of my life were blown off course by a myriad of diagnostic tests and conflicting opinions, all triggered by an abnormality on a routine mammogram. I certainly experienced a good deal of apprehension and uncertainty, but from the time my ordeal began until the moment it ended, the overriding feeling I had was that I was incredibly fortunate because I knew how to be a clever and effective medical advocate for myself. I knew how to ask important questions, find the right doctors, and make informed choices. An unnecessary surgical procedure was avoided because I did more than simply follow one doctor's recommendations. Rather than allow myself to be buffeted about in choppy medical waters, I managed to remain steady at the helm. I was able to transform what could have been an impossible medical maze into a clear pathway.

Thankfully, my medical saga had a happy ending (not a trace of cancer) as well as a substantial silver lining - it planted the seed from which this book germinated. Having benefited profoundly from my own medical advocacy skills, I had a strong desire to teach others how to do the same. Given what I do for a living, it made sense to begin close to home. Voila, the birth of Speaking for Spot! My hope is that this book will help you become a highly effective medical advocate as you navigate the often confusing, overwhelming, and expensive world of veterinary medicine. Who knows, you might just become a better medical advocate for yourself in the process.

Best wishes for abundant good health,
Nancy Kay, DVM

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