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Photo by Alan KayPhoto by Alan Kay
"A Primer on Leptospirosis" in The Alpenhorn, October 2011
"A Different Way to Spay" in BayWoof, February 2011
"A New Safer Way to Spay Your Puppy" in Whole Dog Journal, December 2010
"Dear Dr. Kay: Questions and Answers" in, October 2010
"Answers, Anyone?" in, June 2010
"The 10 Commandments of Vet Visits" in Dog Sport Magazine, May/June 2010
"Working with a Reputable Breeder" in The Siberian Quarterly, Spring 2010
"Your Questions, Answered" in, June 2010
"Vet Focus: Getting More Bark For Your Buck" in Dog Sport Magazine, March/April 2010
"Scratch That!" in, April 2010
"Supplement Smarts" in, February 2010
"Vet Focus: The World of Health Insurance" in Dog Sport Magazine, January/February 2010
"Getting More Bark for Your Buck" in BayWoof, December 2009
"Walking to Cure Canine Cancer" in Dog Sport Magazine, November/December 2009
"The Truth About Your Pets Health" in, November 2009
"More Bark for Your Buck" in, October 2009
"Your Pet Health Insurance Check List" in, September 2009
"Dog Days of Summer" in, August 2009
"More Bark for Your Buck - Stretch those vet dollars" in The BARK Magazine, June-July 2009
"How to Trick a Tick" in the Speaking for Spot Blog
"Making Medical Decisions You Can Live With" in The Alpenhorn, April 2009
"What Would My Berner Choose?" in The Alpenhorn, February 2009
"The World of Pet Health Insurance" in the Marin Humane Society's Animal Chronicles
"The 10 Commandments of Veterinary Office Visits" in The BARK Magazine, September-October 2008

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